My friend Ted is completing a book about bears and asked me what I preferred in book length…117, 000 or 253,000 words. At 400 words per page, that computes to a 290 to 632 page book. Please respond if you have a preference and I’ll pass on the info to him. Thanks. l.l.kaniut

Toot, tood

Turnagain Arm Alaska, a top 20 scenic American roadway. Alaska Railroad passenger train rumbling north. We’re cruising south. It’s 10:50 AM Sunday. With windows lowered and arms frantically waving toward the approaching engine, hoping for an engineer’s response. Three Sundays in a row.Three rumblings. Three frantic wavings…and…three train toots from the train’s engineer. Thank you, Mr. Engineer.

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Two beautiful, chocolate moose calves cavorted around our yard–enjoying, exploring and experiencing new activities while their mother munched high bush currant and birch leaves. As we left for church along Turnagain Arm (one of America’s top 20 scenic drives), we reminisced about the recent two large black bears and a mother moose and calf in our yard. Shimmering, silver waters winked as twenty tour buses met us. Highlighting the drive was a blast from the rumbling northbound Alaska Railroad engineer in response to our frantic waving. It is a beautiful day in the ‘hood.

Cuteness Reigns

Cute as could be. Seven inches long, covered in gray hair, long ears maybe half pound. Skittered from below our bay window and under our back deck. Cute little Arctic hare bunny. Three days later another cute critter appeared, accompanied by his monster mother moose. Under three feet tall and covered in mahogany-orange-brown
velvety fur, perky ears twitching and dark brown nose sniffing the barn door and Pam’s 5-foot nutcracker-soldier, curious little guy.Wobbly legs begone,. Lightning swift hooves carried him like a bullet three laps around our back yard sawdust paths, hind hooves kicking a rat-a-tat tune as he playfully enjoyed his romp. When he tried to nurse, his mother moseyed along munching high bush currant and may tree leaves, oblivious of his efforts.

Humanity at the crossroads

Who would have thought that humanity would reach the condition it’s in? When we have people wanting their children to take on the role of parents, haven’t we about reached the end? When we have people disrespecting those who provide their freedoms, is there hope? Though the naysayers and goofballs are out there, I hope enough people with common sense and civility stand tall and prevail.

What changed?

When I hear about adult children disassociating from one another or suing the other(s), I wonder what changed. Was the change in associating due to childhood learning, something after childhood, maybe attitude, philosophy, some emotion or a more telling experience?

April 13 road trip

The winding ribbon of asphalt dissecting the Chugach and Talkeetna mountains stair-stepped toward the Lion’s Head and beyond. Jagged-razor edged peaks–as well as monstrous marshmallow domes–overlooked the ice encrusted Matanuska River where 2-foot thick ice chunks, undercut by blue-gray water, slumped from her banks, water bubbling through open spots. Back dropped by robin egg sky, the ageless white peaks, parent-like, smiled in approval. And God clapped His hands.