days of summer

The days of summer–hot, hot, hot and dry–are slipping into the rear view mirror RAPIDLY. Saw my breath last night about 8 in Anchorage. Ouch. The good news? We got a lot done since May: 15 pickup loads of firewood split all by myself with the aid of my trusty 8-pound splitting maul, Brachan in print and ready for distribution, helping daughter and son move from their respective houses into new ones, yard work, mechanical improvements on vehicles and much more. Great exposure and "fame" on social media thanks to my daughter and grand daughter’s photos. Hope your summer was great.

Showered with sunshine.

August in Anchorage. How delightful. Seventy-plus degree temps. Wow. Got to share anniversary 52–thanks to gift certificate from Pam’s brother and sis-in-law–to Seven Glacier Restaurant in Girdwood/Alyeska ski area. Awesome. Highly recommend the view and the grub.


Picked up a hard copy proof yesterday of Trapped!, our Alaska romance novel about a pilot who takes a debutante on a flight that ends "part way." Will proof and prepare for e-book and probable publication. I removed the Teflon Chameleon (from original 1997) and replaced with competent "voter." I continue to work with Orin Seybert, founder of Peninsula Air, now going into sixth decade–oldest family owned, ongoing airline in the world. Orin (80 yrs. old) and I are editing the "final" version pre-publication. I am also completing SAFE with Bears, a volume dedicated to saving lives "out there."


Another glorious week in Alaska…more rain, more grass to mow and transport to a garden compost. Busy meeting folks, providing books, pursuing signage for our biz vehicle. Hope your week was great.

from heat to wet

July was the hottest month in Alaska history with a 62-plus average daily temp. August followed with some great news in the form of liquid sunshine. Yesterday Aug. 8 set a record for rainfall with over an inch in Anchorage. It was wet. I helped granddaughter Sarah unload her pickup of hay, spreading a tarp over her horse trailer and pickup bed. Glad I did because after twenty minutes I was no longer dry but a sponge.

Whittier weekend

Spent July 15 over-nighting in Whittier, Alaska. Gorgeous time: sunshine, clear weather, boats, roaring waterfalls, gold panning, picnic, short hike, milkshake and snacky stuff, topped off with safe travel and more ice cream.

Anchorage heat

Too hot to work. Yes. Phoenix, LA, FL? No, Anchorage. Recent 75 to 84 degree heat makes for running through the sprinkler…or sitting in the shade. Unfortunately a more serious heat has developed a few miles southeast of hillside homes, to the tune of a 600-plus acre wildfire. Rain is due Thursday; a day or so earlier would be great.

recent activity

Granddaughter Sarah is plastering my mug on fbook and elsewhere, seeking fame for the geezer. She’s a sweetheart so don’t take out your frustrations with me on her. Recent activity shows my little peanut wife Pam (of 52 years) and me by our 1931 Model A, purchased for biz…and in our yard. Hope you enjoy the stuff. I’m up and about working on PenAir founder Orin Seybert’s book, You Breathe; I Fly.