So, I say to you, my brothers, and, of course, my sisters, where shall we worship on Sunday, the temple, the church, the synagogue, the mosque? Or shall we make our worship known at the Cathederal of the Holy Goal Posts, the The Temple of the Bruised and Battered, the House of the Glorified End Zone or some other sainted venue? On Sundays when his Broncos are at the House of the Holy Gridiron, an acquaintance often gets Bronc-itis. Just sayin’.

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Reviewing predatory bear attacks chapter for new book (SAFE with Bears) and discovered: 17 attacks (6 from 1994 to 1997; 11 from 2000 to 2006); 12 black bears, 4 grizzlies, 1 undetermined; 15 fatalities (12 by blacks, 4 grizzlies, 1 undetermined); 11 in Canada (7 in BC). I’m still revising. You still think grizzlies are more dangerous? Or is it just because there are substantially more blacks? Scary stuff.


Received awesome wreaths from the Grace volleyball group Mon. the 2nd–one for the Kaniuts and one for Grace, beautiful creations of Michael Coles. Very thoughtful of the group and much undeserved but much appreciated by me. Heading out into the teeth of freezing rain to start up the plane from its winter snooze. Wood lot beckons me to split and stack when I return…hoping to stave off winter’s cold, gripping hands.