storm’s a brewin’

Batten down the hatches. Storm’s a brewin’. Just received word it’s minutes away. Will arrive in 4-wheel vehicle. Disguised as a human dynamo. Dressed in cargo pants, probably cammoed, and a Batman T-shirt. Full of energy and prepared to eat any of grandma’s fixin’s, including beets and onions in vinegar that are "tingly." I see the headlights in the driveway. Here comes that 5-year-old tornado. Hang on.

annual get together

Met last night with 4 former Dimond wrestlers to discuss possible picnic or other event once or more each year so that those interested could catch up on others’ lives. Had a great day today. Around 28 degrees and extremely pleasant. Only 4 weeks and the days start getting longer.


Perennial rivals Dimond and South Anchorage volleyball teams squared off in the state tourney Friday. In a marathon 5-game match South sent Dimond to the loser’s bracket where Dimond beat Wasilla in three games and moved on to the championship game against South. The South ladies won the first two games forcing Dimond to claw back one game at a time, to win in 5 games. That forced a final game which Dimond won 30 to 20. The message I gleaned: Never give up. Fight on. Keep on keeping on. Congratulations to Coach Lauwers and the Lady Lynx.

11 November, 2016 20:31

Yesterday rain and 40’s, last evening 45 degrees. Fruitful day around 40 degrees. Some grocery shopping and log splitting and stacking. Made pork chow mein from college dorm mate’s Formosan recipe–meat and lots of veggies (cauliflower, celery, cabbage, lettuce, onions, water chestnuts). No one refused my offering. Tomorrow will be volleyball in the morning and probable help to daughter in afternoon.

Nov. 10

Got to dismantle a candelabra, drop at Brown’s Electric, watch some great state tourney volleyball and babysit 5 grandsons tonight. When we left their home at 10 PM, it was 45 degrees. Not so bad for November 10 in Anchorage.

Nov. 8

Great day. Voted at 9 AM then drove 15 miles down Turnagain Arm, viewing a dozen white beluga whales and the same number of white Dall sheep on the Chugach Mountains above. Fresh, pure white snow crowned the peaks. We picked up over $500 of processed moose meat for our son–bacon, sausage, wieners, burger and jerky. A great day, for sure.


America has been good to me. Anti-American groups have not (that includes many elected officials). We need leaders who are MEN not men who are leaders. In order to restore America’s greatness, let us deport, reduce or jail those anti-American groups such as Clinton Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, the UN, etc. "We the people" are United…not divided.