Game day

Go Dawgs! Time to rise and shine. Rootin’ for you to roll the Tide in preparation for the next game against Clemson. You can to it. Focus. Play hard. Control the lines. Special teams rise up. Go Dawgs!

Mrs. Santa

Up late burning the midnight oil after days of helping Santa clean the reindeer barn, harness the deer and clear a pathway for launch, Mrs. Santa is prepping cookie material while awaiting her assistant and his five elves. She knows naught–nor not–the word "no." Who would have guessed those many sleigh rides past that she’d choose to live with me?

flour baptism

Tomorrow Mrs. Santa will be baptized with an assortment of flour, butter and pie filling. Her assistant and 5 elves, ranging in ages from 5 to 12, arrive at 9 AM prepared to concoct spritz cookies and chess pies…I know because she told me as she instructed me in the prepping of pie dough, an equal mixture of butter and flour. There will be an ensuing cleanup of flour, sugar, dough and pie filling from the table, floor and oven if all goes as it has in the past. If Disney’s mice could be here, they would help. Only time will tell how many cookies make it to the oven and how many survive after the oven so that Santa may have one…or two?


A little surprised yesterday by a mild thumping overhead. Checked it out and discovered the guy in the red suit on our roof, mumbling something. Seems he was stuck and unable to launch so I grabbed a ladder and shovel to help him build a bit of a snow ramp for takeoff. No problem. I’m assuming his timing was off and may have caused some delay in his round trip to the North Pole. Hopefully he didn’t miss you and yours. Best wishes for a sparklingly fantastic New Year.

Merry Christmas

Two millennium past a couple travelled to an obscure stable where she lay her Child in a manger–celebrated by shepherds, angels, wise men and miscellaneous animals. This Child became the Light of the world. Therefore this Christmas eve I wish you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the days to come.

Winter Solstice

A wonderful day shopping with Mrs. Santa… for a Christmas ham, some Christmas gifts for neighbors complemented with a visit from long time AK friends (1966), our first year in AK…actually, it was our honeymoon. So we’ve experienced a 50 year honeymoon preceded by 2 in Oregon before we headed North. Great day. And days get longer tomorrow.


Spent the past two days shopping with Mrs. Santa. Great views of the Alaska Range, Mt. McKinley and Foraker as well as the mountains that surround Anchorage–the Talkeetnas, the Chugach and the Kenai Mountains. You know about them if you’ve been to Alaska. Beautiful pink mountains. Four-inches of snow and 10 degrees. A great setting for a white Christmas.

Sunday church

It wasn’t the Miracle on 34th but the miracle on De Armoun. On our way to church we encountered a red Avis Tundra with a toasted right rear tire, melted off the rim. The occupants–a family of 4 and a girlfriend–were visiting for the first time from LA. While discussing the problem and the remedy in 4 degree weather–which they loved–we suggested they come to our home to warm up and have hot chocolate. Joe said the girls would accompany us while he and son Anthony awaited developments. We reached our home, started a fire in the wood insert and chatted. The girls were quite interested in our granddaughter’s horse outside and took pictures. In time Joe and son arrived and Pam suggested dad sit by the fire and got him a hot water bottle and prepared Mexican hot chocolate for him. He told us he was glad they’d had the flat tire and we had a great time with total strangers–very nice folks. We agreed "it was meant to be"…kinda what Christmas is all about.

missing plane

Silent snow, secret snow, deadly snow. Flurries and clouds obscured the ground. Ice fog may have contributed to the lack of visibility, even icing the aircraft. Not another missing small plane in Alaska? Yes…December 7. The co-pilot’s seat and three wheels were recovered from Lake Clark where water depth is 375 feet. Prayers and best wishes to family, friends and others.