Sunday church

It wasn’t the Miracle on 34th but the miracle on De Armoun. On our way to church we encountered a red Avis Tundra with a toasted right rear tire, melted off the rim. The occupants–a family of 4 and a girlfriend–were visiting for the first time from LA. While discussing the problem and the remedy in 4 degree weather–which they loved–we suggested they come to our home to warm up and have hot chocolate. Joe said the girls would accompany us while he and son Anthony awaited developments. We reached our home, started a fire in the wood insert and chatted. The girls were quite interested in our granddaughter’s horse outside and took pictures. In time Joe and son arrived and Pam suggested dad sit by the fire and got him a hot water bottle and prepared Mexican hot chocolate for him. He told us he was glad they’d had the flat tire and we had a great time with total strangers–very nice folks. We agreed "it was meant to be"…kinda what Christmas is all about.


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