Kind support

My better half wanted me to "write this for tomorrow." So, here she is: My sister Marcia married Gary Ruckman, a sweet gentleman in 1969 but six months later she died. Who would have ever guessed that forty-six years later Gary’s brother Dick would support and help us with our new novel Brachan? Turns out Dick Ruckman is an outstanding Christian gentleman, businessman–he builds the best steel structures on the planet (Superstructures). Thank you, Dick.


I support the right of Americans to protest. I DO NOT support aggressive, "contact sport" abuse to those being protested. I DO NOT support ignoramuses blocking roadways in protest, something that has gotten some injured by passing vehicles. If you want to protest, do so, but have some decency, some civility, some morality–wearing a woman’s genital "suit" cheapens the wearer and brings into question her IQ.


Silly enough, neither can remember the date–but it was a while back…either 1963 or 1963. They overlooked Portland, the City of Roses. He opened heh door of the 1960 VW and plucked a snippet of grass, then fashioned it into a ring and placed it on Pam’s ring finger. He asked her to marry him which resulted in the purchase of matching gold bands. Rings with hearts would come later when they could afford them. The original rings corroded within a year, were set aside and remain in Pam’s jewelry box. We haven’t worn rings since. It takes more than a ring to make a marriage.


The lowest Anchorage temperature I saw last week was -26 five miles from our house (where it was -15). Today’s temp is 40, a 66 degree difference. Some will like the warmer weather, though it complicates road conditions.


Youth and age–each has its advantage. The youth swaggered. He was bigger, faster, stronger. He smirked when his aged teammate muffed another play. The old man knew. He had been the youth half-century earlier. He played now to stay active. Not wanting to embarrass his teammates, he worked out regularly. The geezer smiled at the youth and wondered if the kid would be on the court in fifty years. Then the kid would understand. Time changes things.

Looking forward

Just celebrated wonderful wife’s birthday, even though the checker forgot to put her b-day card in my bag (I’ll get it tonight–a really cute card). Moments ago returned home from printer who has formatted Orin Seybert’s pictures in his upcoming book, "You Breathe, I Fly" (Orin Seybert’s PenAir Story). It is looking good and I am honored that he asked me to help with it. He’s in HI but will be home this week; then it’s finalize and print. W/in couple hours I head off to volleyball tonight to school the youngsters (lol).


Middle child picked us up today for an RSVP brunch which turned out to be our long-time neighbors. We had a delicious egg souffle meal with homemade blueberry coffee cake and raisin-cherry cookies and caribou sausage. Jill brought us a block home, Pam took a nap and I headed to Carr’s for flowers, a birthday card and ice cream–in prep for our surprise drop in event from 4 till 8. She is now on the phone with her older brother and his wife in Oregon. Happy birthday to all those out there who are getting "riper."


Last night three grandsons we’re watching helped me make 3 Happy B-day banners and post them in the kitchen. I measured our accumulated snow at 15 inches. This AM I wished Pam a happy birthday, shoveled snow, played volleyball, returned home, took nap, shoveled another batch of snow which measured 24 inches accumulated. Middle child brought homemade 2-layer cake (pumpkin and chocolate) for Pam’s birthday. Pam doesn’t know about the surprise drop-in event scheduled for tomorrow. Watched one half of It’s a Wonderful Life with wife and hit the sack at 11:30-plus. Good night.