Paying tribute to seven women–perhaps the toughest people I’ve ever met: my mother Vivian Lenore, older sister Laura Lee, younger sister Lana Lynn, wife Pamela Diane, older daughter Ginger Diane, younger daughter Jill Rose and favorite (only) granddaughter Sarah Lynn. The physical, emotional, spiritual battles they’ve faced and overcome and their mental toughness and will to live could fill volumes. Thank you, one and all.


When my wife Pam recently told me she wasn’t intimidated by not learning much in college because she only went for one reason–to marry a good, Christian man, I reminded her that she got part of her wish–a man.


Checked out one on line Anch weather "prognastycation" and discovered snow every day until March 1, except next Monday which calls for sunny weather. Otherwise we’re looking at 20’s to 40’s till the end of the month. So, I was quite surprised to awaken to 8 inches of snow today. Hmmmm. It’s around 30 so not much of seeing it leave any time soon.

Love IS Blind

That "blind" girl I wrote about yest is alive and well, even after agreeing to marry me August 28, 1964. She has adjusted and survived 52-plus years trying to house break me. I think in another 50 she will have succeeded. Happy Valentine’s Day, Pamela Diane.