Stranger yet

She asked if she sounded like my mother and told me I sounded like her son Larry. Knowing my mother’s dead, I’m wondering who is this lady? "I’m your aunt Peggy." "I don’t have an aunt."
She asked me what I thought of my grandfather Ernest Kralman and told me he had sold her mother Juanita at a barn dance to a murderer, not knowing she was pregnant with Peggy (who was 6 years younger than my mother).
When Peggy was born with lactose intolerance, the murderer fashioned a fence on the running board of his car and tied a goat there. Later when Juanita and Peggy witnessed the murderer knife and kill a man, Juanita chose to escape. She placed their possessions in a pillow case and fled, avoiding train and bus stations, finding a speeder on the track, they were off to freedom.


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