29 April, 2017 15:29

A stranger asked her for a drink of water. She was shocked. The woman knew they were not to converse. He told her He could provide her "living water" which would grant her eternal life.She wanted it. She told Him the Messiah was coming and that He could explain all things to her. Then He said, "I am he." Can you imagine? For years people have heard this story. Always second hand. But this Samaritan woman heard it first hand. How could she have felt…the Messiah Himself giving her a private audience?
We all have access to this Living Water. All we have to do is ask.

28 April, 2017 06:07

Question: when he said "thinking to myself," to whom else would he be thinking? Which brings us to another of my thoughts, March 28, 2016: Jesus Christ viewed people for who they were…not what they did. When you consider the woman at the well, He forgave her past. He knew what she had done but considered her heart, her yearning and His transforming power…not her activity. And even more importantly, He did not view who they had been nor who they were but rather who they would become. …more tomorrow…

Humility or…?

Here’s a thought I’ve entertained and stated for a decade or so:There’s nothing like good, old-fashioned truthfulness, that’s the reason I can state unequivocally and in all honesty that my arrogance is exceeded only by my humility.

Just droning around

April 22 a former student dropped by and visited 3 hours. In the process of leaving he showed me the drone his wife presented him at Christmas. He launched it straight up 400 feet then flew east 200 yards over Natrona and Buffalo. I said, "It would be cool to see it after an eagle." Guess what? About then a large bald eagle flew into view. The drone followed it southwest 100 feet above and behind it.


Decency. What does that word mean? What is decent about human trafficking? How could any form of human trafficking involve decency? What is the duty of responsible people toward the elimination of human trafficking in order to restore decency to that area of humanity?


Talking with wife today about my 7th grade social studies teacher and basketball coach Mr. Wendler who assigned the class to write our predictions about future classrooms. I thought I was pretty 21st Century when I wrote those rooms would probably have typewriters at student desks. Who knew in 1955 that by 2016 people wouldn’t even know what a typewriter was? Or that Zane Grey used a pencil to write his novels on a legal pad? LOL

Intolerant mother

Everett, Washington. 1946. Four-year-old Larry and older sister Laura Lee left Coast to Coast proud of their new toys. He toted a Jeep under his arm and she cradled a doll. They were surprised when reaching home a few blocks later. Their mother doubled her ironing cord and warmed their backsides all the way back to the store…accompanied by "we don’t take what don’t pay for."

Homeward bound

We left Tok in a hurry–daddy drove the blue Suburban while Jill (15) and Ben (12) took turns holding the Coleman stove atop the cooler and frying bacon and eggs. A plume of blue smoke trailed out the passenger window behind daddy, who hoped they’d not encounter an Alaska State Trooper with a bent for putting out fires. Anchorage beckoned. And they were in a 1985 hurry to beat the clock for a funeral–hopefully not their own.