Homer road report

Left Anc. 5:30 PM Tues., raining over Hope and Res Ck Trail. Few eagles at Peterson Ck. Spitting rain at Cooper Landing, clearing onto Kenai Burn flats, prettier and prettier. Moose ran across in front of us leaving Soldotna and two horse riders crossed before us at North Point prior to Homer, 4 hours later. Spent night with friends, Light on the Hill. Next AM spent 3 hours watching pit run delivered-spread at daughter’s driveway. Left A.Point 1 PM; 12 min. delay Happy Valley for yellow stripe painting. Monster Ak Range volcano-mts. Side trip mouth Deep Creek to show wife tractors, 20 eagles and talk w. 2 PA fishmen who’d hooked fish in the Kasilof and were returning. Side trip Kenai to look for used clarinet and music cassette tapes. Freddies 8-piece chicken and ice cream. Slow pokes necessitated stop at Sterling to eat chicken wing–best ever from Freddies; passed slow pokes (2 mtr. hms. and pkup entering Kenai Burn). Minimal rain at 4:30 PM. Silvertip: dark green spruce and hemlock pockmarked w. light green alder and grass covered the mountainsides, capped with glorious white and back dropped by robin egg blue and cotton ball clouds. Perhaps the prettiest RT drive ever to Homer. Reached home at 7.

Bear management

Reporting for duty. News flash. The good news…summer is here. The bad news…so are the bears. Local "media" suggests Anchorage is inundated by bears, a most unusual summer. Unusual? Guess what? ADF&G credits usn’s as the cause…you know, we the people who have delectable items for the bears to enjoy. My response to all this tired mantra is that people live in cities where bears have no business. If 25 sows have twins and 25% survive, that’s 12 new bears a year. How many is that in 5 years? How long will the ADF&G continue managing people instead of bears? (more on this tomorrow)


Let freedom ring. If you don’t have the manhood to put your name on it, you’re not a man. Why would you send an anonymous letter? Man up. Why would you expect your voice to be heard if you’re gutless to put your name on it…as in wearing a mask? Are you gutless? Come on. Alaska up!