God intervened in our pathway from the beginning…from Noah to Moses and the prophets. And finally, when all else failed, He sent His only Son. Mankind has battled his precious ego pursuing prestige, fame, money, power and all the other tangibles and intangibles. For what? If we fail to bow a knee to God, none of our foolish grasping matters–He wants, exhorts and rejoices in our obedience. I’m pretty sure He’s saying, "What is a man without Me?"

Real time

They said he walked on water. Healed the sick. Gave eye sight to the blind. Raised some from the grave. Say, what? You’re kidding, right? For those who have heard these stories from 2000 years ago, it’s almost overkill. Can you imagine what it must have been like to see a man raised from the grave. or another given eye sight. of the Savior of the world walking on water…even turning water into wine? I wish we had a You Tube clip…I’d love to see the entire Bible.

Fog, fog and more fog

We’re pushing 52 years in the Great Land, having come from Oregon or. Fog Heaven. I don’t think we’ve seen fog like this in all the time we’ve been here…fog for a day, but 4 or 5 in a row? Now that’s unusual. Love it. Be careful out on the byways because it’s thick in places.