double standard

Human nature is a beast. Why is it that the predatory man is lauded for his sexual conquests BUT the female is called vile names for participating with him? What is the reason that he is a "stud" and she is a "slut?" What is the reason men are feted for their sexual inappropriateness and women are criticized for theirs?



Stalwart. Regal.The big fella stood guard, head swiveling periodically from side to side, confidently surveying his surroundings. Moments later his mate joined him, gliding in on silent wings, both flapping to slow her descent, talons extended to touch their aerie. Through golden eyes the male bald eagle gazed appreciatively at her, his yellow-orange beak clacking a welcome as he continued his vigil seventy feet above the snow covered ground in the monster, leafless cottonwood tree eighty yards west of the Old Seward Highway.

Living wisely

"You fondly clean the outside but inside you are full of greed and wickedness. The Maker of the outside is also the Maker of the inside"…and Jesus continued…"you experts of the law pile up back-breaking burdens for men to bear BUT you make no effort to follow your own advice." St. Luke 11:39-51 Is it any wonder that man is confused in a society where climbing the ladder means stomping on anyone in the way? Is it any wonder that man is lost because he follows the wrong "leader"…and refuses to consider his fellow man?
What matters more, money or man…power or servant-hood?


We need to look at the man with the nail-scarred wrists not those men who fail to follow Him. We need not follow the "church" men; we need to surrender to and to follow the Man Who invented salvation…because those "church" men are human and, make no mistake, God makes NO mistakes.