Develop your talents

It’s easy to get caught up in the world’s focus—money, power (position), hedonism—and to think they are what matters. Not so. Develop your talents—whether they are personal skills like encouraging, listening, leading or your physical skills like painting, writing, performing. Whether you are a gifted gardener, talented talker or selfless servant, do what you do best. Give 100%. Overcome your self by focusing outside yourself—develop your self to serve others and you will achieve the ultimate.
–2006 from the Old Sourdough


It was nothing new. It happened every day. There it was, his ego. He was so entangled with his ego that he wrestled it constantly. From the opening bell till nightfall he knew his chances were slim. His ego nearly always won because it demanded its way…and he knew he didn’t have much of a chance to conquer it. The Old Sourdough