dem Steller’s jay birds

Here he comes…like a Sidewinder missile. Where he goes, I know naught. Triggered by his penchant for peanuts in the shell, Stanley arrives, often with Stella, his mate, perched on the window box or the bay window sill, looking for another free handout. Out onto the deck we go, armed with peanuts. Plop one on your shoulder, knee or hand and the determined Steller’s jays alertly attack the nut and rocket away. Where they hide their treasures is known to them alone. The question is, will he retrieve them amidst the deep snow of winter?



The Chugach Mountains silhouetted against a solid gray overcast, the sun winking its way through the gray, 52 degrees as I exit Lowe’s on Old Seward in my jeans and light T-shirt–my thoughts awesome, why would anyone live anywhere else? Winter’s just around the corner. Love ALASKA.


When mom and dad allow the kids to make the rules, what kind of kids result? Isn’t it the responsibility of mom and dad to draw the line, encourage the kid, take away his toys if necessary in order to arrive at some responsible action from the child? Why do parents allow the kids to have and use their cell phones, video games and other time wasters instead of instilling a common sense approach with some values that will far outweigh the cell phone?