Anchorage comes to life

Many a person complained about the wet summer. I’m not getting any help from Google but in our 50 year residency in Anchor Town we think it might have been one of the wettest on record. However today is beautiful–from 12 degrees this morning to 27 by 3 o’clock PM. Great day to split and stack firewood for winter’s use. Great day to come inside, drink warm tea and continue edit of SAFE with Bears; I’m 1/6 of the way through 600 pp. Have a great week-end. I plan to be on the volleyball court tomorrow from 9:30 till noon being schooled by the competitors.



Got my happy pill today. God got me out of bed. I cut my hair-wife trimmed. Took shower. Ate sausage links and fried egg all by myself, after Pam prepared them. I’m ready for the day–more logs to buck, split, stack…and examine six other trees for more of the same. Blue sky and 20 degrees. Yeah!

Chicken Soup

If you’re not a soup lover, this soup will convert you. Prepared by my wife Pam.

Chicken soup Oct. 3, 2017

4 c. water

2 cubes vegetable broth (Rapunzel)

4 oz. can mushrooms and liquid

1 T butter

¾ grated large carrot

1 large celery stalk/chopped fine

½ large onion chopped fine

1/8 T pepper

¾ T salt

3 to 4 cups diced chicken (ours was baked)


Just back from Th. through Sat. Fbnx run, up Parks, back Richardson. So much beauty. Everywhere you look is a picture. Saw bald eagle, few Canada honkers, squirrels, few moose near home and a roughed grouse. The roughed grouse took a hit from our truck but when I went back to see if it had a broken wing, I shooed it off the center of the highway and it flew away…not so roughed. Many highlights including Faires in North Pole and Chena Hot Springs hot water.

dem Steller’s jay birds

Here he comes…like a Sidewinder missile. Where he goes, I know naught. Triggered by his penchant for peanuts in the shell, Stanley arrives, often with Stella, his mate, perched on the window box or the bay window sill, looking for another free handout. Out onto the deck we go, armed with peanuts. Plop one on your shoulder, knee or hand and the determined Steller’s jays alertly attack the nut and rocket away. Where they hide their treasures is known to them alone. The question is, will he retrieve them amidst the deep snow of winter?


The Chugach Mountains silhouetted against a solid gray overcast, the sun winking its way through the gray, 52 degrees as I exit Lowe’s on Old Seward in my jeans and light T-shirt–my thoughts awesome, why would anyone live anywhere else? Winter’s just around the corner. Love ALASKA.


When mom and dad allow the kids to make the rules, what kind of kids result? Isn’t it the responsibility of mom and dad to draw the line, encourage the kid, take away his toys if necessary in order to arrive at some responsible action from the child? Why do parents allow the kids to have and use their cell phones, video games and other time wasters instead of instilling a common sense approach with some values that will far outweigh the cell phone?